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BWSA Registration for Spring 2015 is now open ONLINE!!!


BWSA has adopted an online registration system to save everyone time and money!!

  • Rec Soccer Registration*: $55.00 per player (includes shirt, socks and participation medal for U8 and younger)
  • Travel Soccer Registration*: $70.00 per player (includes Rec Soccer registration)
  • Family Max of $145.00*: *plus $50.00 per family volunteer retainer fee

Use this link to access our new registration system:

Registration is open until 1/15/2015

First time BWSA players must be born on or before July 31st 2010 and show a copy of their birth certificate as proof of age.

Please contact our Registrar, Bill Knight, with any questions at bwsa.registrar@gmail.com

Register TODAY to ensure your spot!!!!

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Communication and Leadership: Its Importance and development in BWSA

Communication and Leadership is a vital part of Soccer, as it help teams to become organized to developing and playing the game in to a high standard. Many people think the Coach is solely responsible for keeping his/her organized in a functional unit, however it is also players on the field who are responsible for communicating and taking some form of leadership during training and matches. Correct communication and leadership provided at the right time and with the right tone is useful in situations like correcting incorrect positioning of teammates in the attempt to keep a good defensive shape, or to suggest a run to a teammate into the space when attacking. In order to provide the right information, it is important to be able to “read the game” meaning to have “insight of the game”. On the soccer pitch, the most obvious leadership role is the Captain's Role, who is responsible for impacting the team through organization and communicating instructions to other. However every player can provided leadership and communication have a positive impact on their team.  One development aims of BWSA, is for players to develop more Leadership and Communication skills, to help our teams become more organized and play more effective soccer. So in order to do this, our Coaches aim to build the confidence of our players to be able to speak up in front of their peers and offer instructions to impact on the team’s performance.

The Nike Football Academy, recently posted up a YouTube video on Communication and Leadership that help to develop their players become more effective in their Communication and Leadership skills. BWSA and YES have taken and adapt the session ideas and coaching points to develop a BWSA 'Communication and Leadership' Session for our coaches to use, which is now available on our website.  


To Access the BWSA 'Communication and Leadership' Session please.... 

-> Highlight the 'Coaches' tab at the top of the BWSA homepage

-> Then scroll down to 'Coaching Resources'

-> Then scroll down to 'Youth Coaching Session'

-> Once on the Youth Coaching Library Page, click on 'Communication and Leadership' tab on the side links.


To view the Nike Football Academy Session, please click the below link.....


Barcelona’s 'Rondo' exercise introduced to BWSA

FC Barcelona wallpaper

At Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association (BWSA), we are trying to get our players to play better soccer, during our In House and Travel games. We believe that short passing and better ball retention can help not only improve the Association going forward, but also help develop our players' abilities and impact when playing for BWSA teams. It will also improve the results and reputation of the Association, as better ball retention of our teams will increase our teams' abilities to control matches and create more goal scoring opportunities. We believe the more we utilize 'The Rondo' practice, we will achieve these aims.

To access BWSA's 'Rondo' information, please follow the below instructions......

-> Hover over the 'Coaches' tab at the top of BWSA's homepage

-> Scroll down to 'Coaching Resources'

-> Finally go across and click on 'The Rondo' tab.


To give BWSA memebers an idea of what 'The Rondo' is please click on the following link......



Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Assoication are committeed to growing and developing our players' skills application and understanding of the game. In partnership with Youth Elite Soccer, the Assoicaiton has developed an 'Coaching The Fundamentals of Soccer' area on our website. This area of the website aims to give BWSA coaches’ the knowledge of how good application of the fundamental skills of soccer should look. For each of the fundamental skills of Soccer (Ball Manipulation/Dribbling, Passing, Receiving and Shooting), BWSA provides its coaches with a ‘Coaches’ Checklist’ of the coaching points of each skills and also a video to visually demonstrate those skills.

To access these resources please click on...

-> 'Coaches' tab (found at the top of the homepage)

-> 'Coaching The Fundamentals of Soccer' 


We hope to see you at the Soccer Field!!

"Changes" to Tuesday's Under 8 Group Practice

The running of the Tuesday Under 8 Group Practice, will have a slight alteration to be able to accommodate seven U8 teams at this practice.

In order to view the changes to Tuesday's group practice, please click on.....

-> "Coaches" -> "Coaching Resources"  -> "Under 8 Program"

Once on the Under 8 Program page, please click on the side tab....

-> "Changes to BWSA's Tuesday Group Practice" document.

*Thursday's Group Practice will remain the same format as in the "Under 8 Program Overview" document*



After observations last season by Youth Elite Soccer coach Thomas Skinner, The ‘Retreat Line’ rule will be introduced to Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association (BWSA) Under 8s In-House matches in the 2014 fall season. This to help the Long Term Development of players by encouraging them to pass the ball out from the back (keeping possession), rather than keep punting it up the field and losing possession.

For details on the 'Retreat Line' Rule please click on the 'Recreational" tab under "Contents" on BWSA's home page....

Once on the Recreational page, please click on the side tab....

-> The Retreat Line Rule



The New BWSA Under 6 Program has now officially been launched and is up on our website for Association members to view!

Designed by Thomas Skinner (BA Hons) from Youth Elite Soccer, The aim of the BSWA U6 Soccer program is to serve a number of purpose...

  • Every player to be included in every session, no matter their ability or experience in playing soccer.
  • For players to be introduced to the game and educated them on the game.
  • To start develop the techniques of the players.
  • For players to continue to play soccer beyond this age group.
  • Most importantly for them to have fun and enjoy playing soccer.

Any feedback on the program is welcome! (can either contact a BWSA board memeber or the author's email address, found in the program overview!)


To access the program click on the tabs....


->Coaches -> Coaching Resources -> Under 6 Program


See you at the soccer field!


The New BWSA Under 8 Program has now officially been launched and is up on our website for Association members to view!

Designed by Thomas Skinner (BA Hons) from Youth Elite Soccer, The aim of the BSWA U8 Soccer program is to serve a number of purpose...

  • For players to be introduced to the game and enjoy playing in a fun learning environment.
  • For players to develop their technical abilities.
  • For players to continue to play soccer beyond this age group.
  • For players to develop personally and socially in soccer.

Any feedback on the program is welcome! (can either contact a BWSA board memeber or the author's email address, found in the program overview!)

To access the program click on the tabs....

->Coaches -> Coaching Resources -> Under 8 Program

See you at the soccer field!



Fall Season is Coming Soon

Games will begin 9/6.   Coaches will be contacting your shortly.  

Baldwin Travel Soccer Player Makes Region 1 Olympic Development Team

Congratulations to  Jackson Brandwene

YES August Summer Camp
YES Summer Camps 2014  (August)

An amazing opportunity for your child to develop their skills and understanding of the game of Soccer. 
Details are listed below for each program and the website link is ( http://www.youthelitesoccer.com/event/show/84001660 )
Baldwin-Whitehall SA
  • All Day, August 11th, 2014 Ical_event_icon
  • August 11th - 15th 2014
  • Location: COLEWOOD PARK
Program:  Recreational
Ages: 4-6
Time: 9am - 10:30am
Cost: $65
Program:  Recreational
Ages: 7-9
Time: 9am - 12pm
Cost: $120
Program:  Competitive/Travel
Ages: U10 - U14 Travel Players
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Cost: $120
For More Information: contact info@youthelitesoccer.com
  • Campers receive a ball & dri-fit jersey
  • Shinguards and water bottle required
  • To house a coach the week of camp you can indicate your interest during registration or you can email hostacoach@youthelitesoccer.com for more information
Recreational/Inhouse Soccer Closed

Please mail your retainer checks to:


PO Box 97832

Pittsburgh, PA 15227

For more information contact bwsa.registrar@gmail.com


BWSA Sponsorships

Our Spring 2014 sponsorship drive is underway. You can easily fulfill your volunteer obligation by securing a sponsor or sponsor for the BWSA springseason. Ask your employer or any local businesses that you patronize, and your volunteer work is done for the season! Here is a link to the sponsorship brochure, which can also be found on our website at www.bwsasoccer.com. 

We are asking that all sponsorships are returned before March 22 in order to have time to order uniforms before the start of the season.

Please reply to this email with any questions. BWSA is a non-profit association dedicated to providing opportunities in soccer to the youth of Baldwin, Whitehall, Baldwin Township and the surrounding communities. Most donations to BWSA are tax-deductible but we advise asking your tax professional to be sure.



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The Fall Season will begin 9/6/14

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